Thursday, November 11, 2010

Student Pilot Journal HD Podcast Now Available

The new Student Pilot Journal HD feed is now available.  You can find and subscribe to it in the iTunes store or your preferred rss reader. It has been a long time desire for me to publish an HD version seeing as how all of my footage even from day 1 was shot on an HD camcorder.  To keep files from getting out of control I have reduced the resolution to 960x540.  720P (1280x720) is where true HD starts but 960 isn't SD quality either.  I am still working on getting the file size down to make it truly HD but to tell you the truth I watched the 960 version and compared it to the 720P version and for the more than double size increase I could not justify putting out the until I can work that out you can still enjoy the increased detail that the new version will offer.  Hope that makes sense.  Here is the link to the iTunes feed. Enjoy!

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